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Election of the Software patent of the year 2006

The patent receiving the nosoftwarepatents-award 2006 is elected: Internet-users elected the patent monopoly EP0836787 on data exchange via cellular network, owned by Siemens AG, to be "Software patent of the year 2006". It received roughly a third of all online submitted votes. The runner-up is software patent EP1056268, based on which Lucent Technologies claims property rights for the transfer of e-mails with attachments.

The seven "winners" in the months from March to September were nominated (2 patents of Philips and patents of Siemens, Nutzwerk, Techem, Lucent und NTT).

Here is the result of the election of the "Software patent of the year 2006":
Patent Votes Percentage  
EP1044400 Download of device drivers from the internet 130 6.49% (September)
DE10048113 Filtering content 90 4.49% (August)
EP0836787 Internet by means of mobile phone 670 33.43% (July)
EP1022875 Sending information to selected destinations 51 2.54% (June)
EP1056268 Transmission of e-mails with attachments 605 30.19% (May)
EP1437835 Scaling figures 220 10.98% (April)
EP249293 Context menu 238 11.88% (March)

Total votes: 2004

Thank you very much to to everybody who supported this information campaign by voting. This campaign would have been impossible to be organised without the support of the following companies 1&1: Internet, GMX and the campaign partners MySQL, Red Hat, CAS Software and Jedox.

We also thank alle the experts, scientists and companies which contributed statements and commentaries.