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Software Patent of the Month – May

The "software patent of the month May " has been elected. Thank you for your participation!

Below are the results:

Patent Votes Percentage
EP0621528 Undo/redo standardised for all programs 952 28.11%
EP1117205 Extra blanks in text 393 11.60%
EP0445066 Polychromatic printing of fotos 295 8.71%
EP1056268 Transmission of e-mails with attachments 1247 36.82%
EP0735455 500 14.76%

Total votes: 3387

The above five EU software patents were nominated for the election of the "software patent of the month" in May 2006:

These patents had been suggested by online-voters to be "especially suitable" for the nosoftwarepatents-award. Consequently the selection has not been coincidental this time.

Please judge yourself, whether the softare-related features of these patents differ a great deal from the features of a group of coincidentally chosen patents – as presented in March and April .

It is in fact coincidental that the owners of four out of five EU-patents presented in may have their headquarters in the USA – however this regional focus cannot surprise, as more than 40% of all European software patents are owned by US-American companies.